Force 8 | 22'6" | $115,990
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Counterstrike F226 | 22'6" | $194,990
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Squadron | 22'7" | $117,990

Travelling with more than 3 kids? Worried about how to accommodate a bigger brood of adventurous campers? No worries with the Squadron!

Our quad bunk is a fabulous option for a few reasons. Obviously, being a Kokoda is number one but right behind that is we've designed this van to accommodate a family of six (or even 8 with a triple bunk option) whilst still being well under the usual 24' length of most quads.

That means you can still get to those places the larger vans can't go... with the quality, style and features you'd expect from a Kokoda. A full ensuite with separate toilet and shower along with a spacious living area, queen island bed and our signature off-road, off-grid capabilities compliment the fabulous floor plan.

Pack up the family and come take a look for yourself. But be warned, the kids might not want to leave it behind!

The price is the base price and does not include any upgrades, transport or on road costs.

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Family Off-Grid

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Take a walk through with the Kokoda team and checkout our new quad bunk family van the Squadron. 

Trevor & Summer go over its features, the interior, storage, exterior features and much more. 

Watch the video to see what this compact family van has to offer. 

What makes this caravan special

The Australian Outback is waiting. Let the Squadron bring all of you right there.


Queen Bed + Quad Bunks

For your dreamy night’s sleep, the Squadron is made with a luxurious Queen-size Bed with an innerspring mattress – but you can also upgrade it to a King-size Bed caravan – complete with a foam mattress that’s so comfortable you might forget you’re camping. It’s full with savvy storage underneath, so you can keep your gear neatly stowed away, and bedside niches with both 240v and 12v power points.

The rear of this Kokoda may include a different number of bunks for your little ones:

- Buy a quad-bunk caravan to have enough sleeping space for 4 children (2 bunks on each side)

- Fit the largest family crew with a 6-bunk Kokoda for 6 children (3 bunks on each side)

All Squadron bunk versions boast windows for marvelling at the great outdoors and magazine pockets for bedtime stories and little treasures.
*Standard model is 4 Bunks (2 bunks 1.65m, 2 bunks 1.85m long, 65cm wide).


The Squadron is an on-the-go luxury that comes with a shower, separate toilet, and optional washing machine. Stay comfortable in any weather with its split heat/cool system and bring your tunes to your trip thanks to its Bluetooth speakers.

Whether you choose a version for eight people or a six-berth caravan for sale, your Squadron will feature a table and an L-shaped sofa in the lounge area. That’s where coffee time begins!

5 Star Living Quarters

Modern, fresh and smart showcasing spacious living with a super comfortable L-shaped lounge and table. There's room for the entire family to have their own space.


When buying an 8-berth caravan for family travel, you definitely want some culinary convenience. Well, the Squadron is here to deliver with its 3 gas oven / 1 Electric burner, mini grill & oven. Thetford 274Ltr compressor fridge to keep your ingredients fresh, and a 240v microwave to whip up meals for your little ones. Storage space? Oh, there’s a lot! Overhead cupboard storage and a pull out pantry, the kids will be right at home.


Download the floor plan layout to explore the Squadron from the front to the rear. You can also embark on a virtual tour to see this 22'7" Kokoda and all its family-friendly features.

 Download Layout.