There are things that you can do to maintain your van is at its best. 


Proper servicing and maintenance of your caravan will give you many years of worry free enjoyment.

We want your adventures across the country to be smooth and carefree.

If you have any issues while on the road you can refer to our Troubleshooting page.


It is crucial to get the maximum service life from your batteries.

There are specific methods of achieving maximum service life:

240 Volt Mains Power: this offers a constant power source 

Vehicle Alternator: only effective when driving and will require the introduction of a BCDC Management System.

Solar Panels: they are sunlight dependent however they can offer a supplementary charge whilst driving.

Batteries use a large amount of their power when for example many items such as the fridge and LED lights are in use. On top of this, once night-time settles in and the solar panels (if applicable) are no longer running from the sun, they then switch to battery power to hold in the energy in order to function the next day. If you do not adequately re-charge the batteries they will come into great difficulty in running the van. Never flatten deep cycle batteries. Anything below 10.5 volts is considered dead flat. If the battery runs extremely low it may result in having to be industrially charged. It is important to monitor the life of your batteries and more importantly to check your charger regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

For best battery performance check the level of the electrolyte frequently (if it's a wet cell battery) to ensure the plates are covered. The amount of use will depend on how frequently the battery will require topping up with distilled water.

Keep terminals clean. Dirty terminals will cause a drop in voltage supply. Keep the surface of the battery free from red dust. In WA for example the red dust contains iron and can cause the battery to short between terminals. Fully recharge the battery after use. When not being used; recharge the battery/s every month or two.

We also recommend cleaning your solar panels to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency from them. 

Gas Cylinders: It is illegal to fill cylinders that are beyond their service life.

Hot Water System: Please read your manual very carefully before operating the hot water unit. Also we advise that you make yourselves fully aware of council warnings regarding the water supply in areas you visit. Some areas have higher levels of damaging components which can accelerate the deterioration of the unit. Remember to check the anode regularly and change when necessary to avoid any issues with the unit. Do not replace the anode with any non genuine accessory part as items such as these are not approved to be installed on branded products.

Tyre & Chassis 

Caravan tyres are often forgotten or treated with indifference, you need to care for these as well. 

Tyre Care

As your caravan ages and your tyres wear down make sure that they are not cracked, threadbare or showing any signs of damage.

Also remember to replace the spare whenever you replace the others. Always ensure you have a spare tyre. You should always check your caravan wheel nuts are correctly torqued before setting off. A good quality torque wrench will help you ensure that your wheels are fastened correctly.

Pressure Gauge

Caravan tyres often support a much greater weight than car tyres. If they are under-inflated they will create more friction on the road. Blowouts can be incredibly dangerous so check your tyre pressure often.

Tyre Inflating Pump

If your tyres are a bit under-inflated, an inflating pump is invaluable. Electric pumps can take the strain out of the job, but check that they are rated to the pressure of the caravan tyres.

Hex Handle

For putting down the corner steadies, check that it's long enough to reach your corner steadies as some can be situated in further from the edge of the caravan. The brace is designed to steady the van NOT level the van.

Chassis Care

With any dura-gal chassis stone chips and dents that are left exposed can accelerate oxidisation. Ensure that you keep your chassis maintained and re-spray or re-paint the exposed areas.

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