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The most innovative off-grid fully electric caravan range 


Our Counterstrike F226 is an innovative fully electric van with solar capabilities never seen in a van before!



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off-grid adventure

Our Counterstrike Series will give you the ultimate adventure experience! Checkout this video to see our C196 in action on the What's Up Downunder Offgrid Adventure Show.
Our Counterstrike series is built for true off-road, off-grid camping. This fully electric (EV) range will take you to destinations you couldn’t get to before, the best places, and then allow you to go that little bit further. They are built to give you the confidence to do that!

Bush to beach, n​o destination is out of reach!


Kokoda is so excited and proud to introduce its latest range of off grid caravans.

The Kokoda Counterstrike Series is the most innovative off-grid fully Electric Caravan (EV) range available in Australia (possibly the world) and has been designed and constructed to camp gasless and almost totally care-free.  With solar and battery options that will probably make you say... "Excuse me, come again!?"  

The Counterstrike Series showcases strength, exceptional ground clearance and a rugged yet luxurious design inside and out.  Built to truly stand the test of time and rigours of the Australian Outback, our Counterstrike Series has been a labour of love and a real passion project for Kokoda Caravans. Meticulously and thoughtfully designed by our clever adventurers who have decades of experience camping in the most difficult yet amazing terrain. We know what you want because we want it too. 


The Counterstrike Series will take off-grid camping to the next level. 

What is Off-Grid (Self-Sustainable)

Off-grid means you can take your adventures for days on end to the most remote and ruggedly beautiful destinations in Australia with almost no hassle or the frustrations you'll encounter with on-road caravans.  

No need to stop and plug in to 240 or refill your water every day.  No worries going on those tough tracks the "other guys" can't get to.  Just hit the road and focus on the experience. 

Counterstrike Series Highlights

Our new Counterstrike Series is going to blow you away! This range is innovative and built for truly long term off-grid camping experiences.  A durable sandwich foam construction provides peace of mind and reliable insulation.  This is a gasless caravan, as it is a fully electric van and has features we guarantee you have not seen before. 

Designed to be almost fully self-sustainable with our innovative option to upgrade to the "Take Charge" solar panel system that doubles your solar intake with a simple slide out via the click of a button. Auto-levelling from your mobile phone, rear recovery points, rear departure angles for the tightest spots. Further features include our under chassis and outside guards, fast fill system for our standard 2x110ltr tanks, honeycomb composite floor and a 96ltr Evacool slide out fridge.  Raptor Coated chassis and front/rear Counterstrike Box, both featuring exceptional storage capabilities and 17" Mickey Thompson tyres will have everyone turning their necks to get a second look.  

Internally, we've covered every thoughtful area which includes an ergonomically designed main bed (truly full sized king bed or motorised single/double beds), soft close doors/drawers, a dual rubbish bin drawer and a first-of-its kind laundry chute that opens up next to an outdoor washing machine. Ambient strip lighting and stunningly sophisticated interior colour selections will have you feeling like you're in a 5 Star hotel no matter where you camp.

The Counterstrike Series is synonymous with luxury, durability, capability and an almost fully self-sustainable off-grid camping experience that's not been seen before on Australian roads (or off them). It's an electric range built right here in Melbourne, in Kokoda’s Very Own Factory! Packed full of new features that we guarantee will have you as excited as we are!


Ruggedly built to take you off-grid in the Australian Outback. 

7-14kw lithium 
laundry chute & washing machine
ergonomic bedS (reclining)
internal compressor fridge & external slide out fridge 
KITCHEN:  portable induction cookTOP 
dual slide out rubbish bins  
Shower & toilet


Kokoda Caravans are Melbourne made and are about as Australian as a caravan can get. We have an Aussie owner who has sourced the best Aussie parts and component manufacturers going around.

Disclaimer:  Please note all efforts have been made to correctly advertise caravan descriptions and prices on our website and brochures. Occasionally genuine data entry errors occur when creating a caravan listing. The Kokoda Caravans sales team will confirm pricing when putting together a custom quote for you. The Commando F226 was the first van created in this range, it is now known as the Counterstrike Series.

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