The Kokodian Community is welcoming and friendly, read on to see what they say about us and our vans.

"Our kokoda has taken us to some amazing locations"

Our Kokoda Armolite Hybrid Caravan is our home away from home or where ever we park it.  

We love the hybrid style which allows us to live an inside /outside lifestyle, with the comforts of a toilet shower combo, queen bed and outdoor cooking space. 

The Alko suspension is strong and versatile on the road, with the Dexter Sway control for extra support and comfort. 

Our Kokoda has taken us to some amazing locations around Australia from Esperance & Streaky Bay in the west to Mildura & Mansfield in the East. 

The support from the team at Kokoda has been a huge advantage with knowledge, passion and pride in their product.  


"We love this van!"

'We have taken the Force 8 on some challenging tracks with long sections of soft sand. It’s very capable. It’s like towing a classy hotel room to an off grid, remote location under the stars.’  

Cam and Nat Evans

“We are currently on our ‘LAP’ of Aus. Here are a few pics. Van is going great guns!!”

(We call it the Marriot Charriot 😂).

Cam and Nat Evans


"We sold our home in Colac Victoria and I quit my job a couple of months ago. My wife is studying and was a stay at home mum of two, a 3 year old boy,1 year old girl and our fur baby Luna the long coat German Shepherd. We are now on our adventure, currently in Mount Gambier, South Australia and enjoying our trip so far in our Kokoda. Andy Miles


An Aussie from Melbourne, a Swiss born Croatian & two boys growing their roots bought a Kokoda after many hours of research & have been travelling this beautiful country ever since. Our caravan is the Cadet 2 & ticked all our boxes, it is our protector. We look after her and we depend on her every day and night. We call her Yindi. So far, the choices have suited us perfectly, and the Kokodian Community has been more than welcoming before we purchased and afterwards.

The Gojanovic Family, 4down_under

Wanderers at heart

"Hard for us to believe that on this day (March 2nd) 3 years ago, we put Melbourne in our rear view mirrors, and set up our first camp of the trip in the Grampians in our Kokoda. Still remember that giddy feeling of excitement that we were finally begin this journey that we had planned and dreamed about for so long. And here we are, starting our 4th year on the road, with no end in sight! 

For anyone who’s on the fence about doing a trip around Australia, just take the plunge and do it…you never know what’s around the corner for you. Our Kokoda has been great on our journey. If you have the opportunity to do something like this now, take it - you won’t regret it!"   Marc & Sandy


We're a family of four and have taken a year off to do the Big Lap of Australia in our Kokoda caravan. 

We have already seen some great places and our Kokoda has definitely become our home away from home. It's been a lifetime experience for the whole family that we will never forget.   

Ross and Gill MacIntyre, teammacsbiglap

We have had many adventures in our Force, here is a photo camped at Alexandra Bridge in the South West of WA near Karridale south of Margaret River.



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