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Family Off-Road Caravans

Ruggedly built for your family & the Australian Outback. 

Luxuriously designed for your comfort.

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Choose your own style! Everyone has their own styles, and we have the following options you can choose from when you customise your van. 


Kokoda's off-road caravans have been designed and constructed to give added strength, ground clearance and durability, for off-road usage.

What is Off-Road 

If you're looking for the ultimate freedom on your travels an off-road capable van is the only way to go. They're designed to travel on all roads and accessible paths off the beaten track that touring vans just can't get to. Even something as simple as going over a tight kerb can challenge a touring van, potentially causing damage. 

Our off-road vans are purpose built for off-grid camping and a durable construction provides piece of mind. Built to stand the test of time and rigours of some of the toughest places like the Gibb River Road, this option will take you where you want to go.

Our Family Range 

The family that seeks out a Kokoda knows what they want. Quality construction and functional features that please everyone are not something they'll compromise on. Our dedicated Team are passionate about our vans and have engineered them to take you and your campers off-grid and out on an adventure in comfort, style and with all the conveniences you expect from a Kokoda.

We have worked hard to make your van a home away from home. Melbourne made, constructed with strength, durability and fitted with top of the range appliances and features, you and your family will make memories most people only dream of.


Kokoda Caravans are Melbourne made and are about as Australian as a caravan can get. We have an Aussie owner who has sourced the best Aussie parts and component manufacturers going around.

Your home on wheels: One of the best family off-road caravans in Australia

Van life is becoming popular not just with digital nomads and avid travelers as recent years have seen an influx of young families stepping into an adventurous life on the open road. 

Those who buy off-road family caravans are either wanting to take their families on many adventures or are the kind of freedom-seekers who want to avoid mortgages, rents and high maintenance costs of traditional housing. 

Moving into affordable, location-independent compact homes on wheels and keeping things simple has allowed many families to live life to the fullest instead of being constantly restricted by busy jobs and schedules. 

This makes the family caravan off-road price a smart investment for anyone who is keen to live an exciting life exploring our beautiful country with their family and a debt-free lifestyle.   

The Kokoda community shares plenty of rewarding experiences and family journeys to draw inspiration from. 

Vanlifers are happy to leave behind their full-time jobs and make the time to enjoy outdoor adventures and other family activities. As compared to their previous lifestyles when travelling together was reserved only for holidays or vacation, the connection to nature and the quality time together feel like bliss. 

Buy a Kokoda family caravan for off-road Australian travel experiences and explore beautiful places without compromising comfort. 

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Buy a new family caravan in Australia to explore appealing routes

Does your to-do list for this year involve sleeping under the stars, discovering Australia’s top-10 hidden gems and sharing fascinating stories by a campfire? 

Getting a Kokoda Caravan can jump-start your plans. You just might lock up the house long term with such a cozy home on wheels!

As far as caravan sales websites go, Kokoda's website offers you all the information you need to know on your caravanning journey. Including image galleries that show the ins and out of the vans, a full 360 virtual tour that allows you to step inside and see the finer details, measure areas and more. 

Our Family caravans are a stunning blend of practicality, comfort and safety. Our vehicles are distinguished by premium quality and well thought-out designs. 

We take pride in fusing streamlined, minimalist design with maximum functionality and a feeling of a cosy place to call home.

Multifunctional spaces to improve the quality of life, not take away from it

A design that incorporates all the basic facilities and appliances is key to making your snug and portable home truly feel like a home. 

The Kokoda family caravan off-road community is ever-growing and appreciating the transition to life with a sense of harmony, freedom, outdoor adventures and plenty of light, air and time for doing things they enjoy.   

Switching to van life is a game-changer for those who don’t want to sacrifice their family time to work countless hours to pay for rent and things that don’t make them happy. But the best about off-road family caravans is the flexibility with the time and location they provide. 

You can enjoy the most secluded natural wonders or all that the city offers without huge fares, fees and complicated arrangements. Arrive and go, indulge or take a break from the routine at any time!

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