1. Payment Terms

    A $1000 deposit is required to secure an order and the Remaining $14,000 deposit is due upon order sign-off, unless you are financing through our finance team. 



    1. If the buyer requires finance for the purchase and completion of the contract, the buyer must notify the seller at the time of entering into the contract.

    2. If the buyer elects to obtain finance on the purchase, the buyer must use best efforts within a reasonable time to obtain finance.

    3. If finance is obtained or declined, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to notify the seller within 7 days to make alternative arrangements.

    4. If finance is declined, the buyer will notify the seller in writing from the financier and any paid deposits will be refunded.


    1. The buyer acknowledges that any estimates for the delivery date is not binding and agrees that the dealer, whilst using its best endeavours to affect delivery, will not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by the buyer or for any reason whatsoever. Further, the buyer acknowledges that any such delay up to 12 months shall not entitle the buyer to terminate the contract.

    2. The seller will notify the buyer once the goods are ready for delivery either in writing or verbal notification.

    Cooling Off:
    The Purchaser (you) retains the right to cancel this agreement within ten (10) clear days, provided that written notice is given to The Seller (Kokoda Caravans). If The Purchaser exercises this right, The Seller (Kokoda Caravans) at their discretion may retain $400.00 as a standard administration fee.