It’s no surprise that caravan sales are booming in Australia in 2021. With international borders closed, a lot of people who would normally take their holidays overseas, are turning to travelling our great country instead. And, they’re snapping up caravans, campers and motorhomes at an alarming rate.

While this is great for the caravan industry and tourism in Australia, it has caused one major problem. Most people who want to buy a new van now, have to wait up to 12 months to take delivery.

Of course, there is an explanation for this. Around 90% of all caravan manufacturers in Australia are in Melbourne. Due to extensive Covid-related lockdowns, a lot of these manufacturers were forced to halt production for about 2 months in 2020. This caused them to fall behind and they’ve been busy trying to catch up ever since.

In addition, there are parts and accessories that are manufactured overseas and there’s been a certain amount of delay to get these into the country.

At present, Australian caravan manufacturers are working at full capacity to try and meet the ever growing demand as caravan sales continue to climb.

So, if you’re new to caravaning and you’re in the market to buy your first van, what can you do if you don’t want to wait 12 months?

Here are some tips to consider.

Try Smaller Or Boutique Caravan Manufacturers

In Australia, there are many smaller, boutique caravan manufacturers that you may not be aware of. It might be a good idea to find some that are close by and give them a call to see if they have any current stock.

Because smaller manufacturers aren’t as well known as the big guys, they may not be facing as much demand. Therefore, even if they have to build your van, it may not take as long.

It’s definitely worth your while doing a Google search to see what manufacturers are around and have the kind of caravan that you’re looking for.

Go Regional

Even if you live in the city, it might be worth going for a drive into some regional areas or rural towns. You could even make a day trip out of it or maybe book an overnight stay.

A lot of regional areas aren’t as heavily populated and may have caravans readily available in their sales yards. Of course, not every regional town has a caravan sales yard, so you’ll have to do your research first.

But, if you don’t mind doing a bit of searching, you might be able to beat the competition and grab yourself a caravan straight away.

Consider Buying A New Caravan Off The Floor Rather Than Asking For Modifications

Check out your local caravan sales yards to see if there are any display models that you can buy as is. If you don’t require any modifications, you might be able to have your van much sooner.

Modifications do take time and the manufacturer might even have to wait for parts to come in from overseas.

You can always choose to take the van as is now, and then have any modifications that you really want, done some time in the future. This means that you’ll have your van much sooner and any modifications that you want down the track won’t take nearly as long to complete.

Visit A Caravan And Camping Show In Your State

There are always plenty of caravans on display at the major caravan and camping shows around the country. Talk to the exhibitors to see whether any of the display models are for sale or whether you can negotiate a purchase in the not too distant future.

Some exhibitors might even be able to give you additional advice as to how you can get your own caravan sooner rather than later. It’s always helpful to talk to people in the industry to get as much inside information as you can.

Consider Buying A Second Hand Van

If you’re not prepared to wait 12 months to get the van of your dreams, why not consider getting a second hand van to begin with. You can always trade it in on a new one when the current demand has slowed down a bit.

This way, at least you can start your holidaying now and it will give you a good idea as to what you really want included in your new caravan before you decide to buy it.

Most second hand caravans are holding their price quite well at the moment and if you shop around, you’re bound to find one that will suit your needs. It might take you a little time but hopefully not 12 months.

Believe or not, a good place to start your search is Facebook Marketplace or even Gumtree. Many people are posting caravans for sale on these sites now. Plus, there are also dedicated online sites that will have a variety of listings in all states. Just do a Google search and you’ll come up with plenty of options.

Final Thoughts

Caravans, campervans and motorhomes are in high demand at present. That’s because people are choosing to holiday in Australia rather than going overseas. Plus, there are many new people entering the market, especially younger couples and families.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new van that has to be manufactured, you might have to wait around 12 months to take delivery. However, if you want to start your caravaning adventures sooner rather than later, there are a few things you can do.

Check out smaller manufacturers for available stock or take a trip to some regional caravan sales yards. You could also consider buying a second hand van for now and then upgrade to a new one when manufacturers have caught up on their backlog.

Whatever you decide to do, consider all the options available and choose the one that you’re most comfortable with. Then, before you know it, you can be off on your new adventure.