In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your van, then you have no less than
three levels of cover:

– Manufacturer Warranty
– Dealer Quality Guarantee
– Kokoda Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty is for 1-year, Australia-wide, from the date of ownership (the hand over date). If anything goes wrong, contact your dealer of purchase and they will organise to get you sorted out. Kokoda prides itself on having any warranty issues dealt with swiftly and with a minimum of fuss.

Pre-trip Checklist

There’s a lot to remember to check when you’re travelling. That’s why most people have a checklist,
to make sure nothings gets forgotten. Here’s a starting point for your own checklist, to which you can
add to suit your particular van’s needs.

Some of this may seem so ridiculously commonsensical it may not seem worth including. As if you’d
forget the chains, or the trailer brakes, or leave the jockey wheel on! Well, actually … people do, all the
time, and that’s why they’re on the list.


– All hoses detached and secured
– All power cords detached and secured
– Antennas and cables detached and secured
– Tables and chairs stowed
– BBQ stowed
– Bicycles stowed and secured
– External lockers closed and locked
– Annex taken down and stowed
– Awning rolled up and secured
– No washing or towels hanging on rails
– All windows closed and locked
– Wheel nuts tensioned
– Tyre pressure correct


– Everything put away
– No loose items on shelves or benches
– No heavy items up high or that can shift about
– Stove covers on
– Lights and electrics off
– Windows and hatches closed and locked
– Fridge door closed and locked
– Check all cupboard doors are properly closed
– TV secured
– Toilet lid down
– Pop-top lowered and external clamps in place

Hooking up:

– Tow ball properly attached and clamped
– Trailer brake plug in place
– Anderson plug in place
– Safety chains attached and crossing over
– Handbrake off
– Gas on external BBQs off
– Jockey wheel off and stowed
– Jacks up
– Weight distribution hitch tensioned and secured

Before driving away:

– Check lights (brakes and indicators) all functioning
– Walk around van and double check everything
– Close and lock RV door
– Stow the chocks

After driving away:

– Trailer brakes are working
– Van `sounds` ok (roll down your windows and listen)

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